It’s All In Your Head. Or Is It?

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What causes ED in the first place?

Erectile dysfunction can be the consequence of several factors including physical health, lifestyle habits, and even psychological diagnoses. According to the Good Men Project, there is a correlation between psychological factors such as stress or anxiety and the inability to keep an erection. These factors can further worsen existing symptoms of ED, leading to a vicious cycle that’s hard to understand or control.

Psychological factors that can lead to ED

According to the article, “psychological factors account for approximately 15% of all causes of ED”. If you’re suffering from one of the following, you’re not alone — and it may just be the root of your diagnosis:

  • Stress — We know all too well that stress from your job, financial situation, or romantic relationships can affect other parts of your life. Unsurprisingly so, it is common for men who suffer from severe stress to also have difficulty getting or staying erect.
  • Depression There is a big correlation between depression and signs of ED. Not only can it be an initial trigger of ED in men, but it can also worsen the problems for men who already suffer with it. According to Healthline, “men are also more likely to lose interest in activities during depression. This could also mean that men might not find sex as appealing.” Depression can manifest itself as guilt or low self-esteem, both of which are common in men who suffer from erectile dysfunction.
  • Anxiety — Anxiety can be a trigger, but can also come from experiencing ED. This can stem from a fear of not satisfying your partner or yourself during sex, known as “performance anxiety”. Continued poor performance may only increase anxiety, causing low-self esteem and guilt.
  • Low Self-Esteem — A sign of depression, low self-esteem can cause ED, creating a negative perception of one’s own sexual performance. In turn, experiencing episodes of ED can lower self-esteem, creating a vicious cycle of pain and emotional suffering. Experiencing ED during sexual activity may create a sense of guilt for a man that feels he is unable to satisfy his partner.

Talk to your doctor

Although these are common factors, they are not the only causes of erectile dysfunction. Be sure to speak with your doctor to find out what medication is best for your ED, and see if Teva’s sildenafil is right for you: